BEAT is a sub brand of M2M Presents, a non profit pop up banquet and after party concept inspired by bringing together the three elements of food, light and sound and supporting it with circus performance within unique venues.

Since time began food, light and sound have all been fundamental to our existence and social exploits, it’s in our DNA. Each time we experience just one of these things it has the ability to feed our souls and lift us up. It’s these three ever presents in our evolutionary development that form the basis of what BEAT is and always will be.


In 2019 M2M Founders Ed Jackson and Olly Barkley spoke at length about creating a charity event that didn’t follow the usual mould. They wanted to get excited about delivering something that was a bit brave, weird in places but also considered, researched, detailed and above all somewhere where people can forget their week, their nagging boss, their forgotten parking ticket… and let go.

By combining three things that have stood the test of time - the sharing and consuming of food, deep progressive sounds and light in it’s various forms, BEAT has evolved from a social dining experience into much more. Over time circus and artistic performance has been integrated to add another layer to complete and confirm bEat as a 360 degree experience capable of hitting guests senses from a multitude of angles.




A BEAT food offering is a homage to the old mixed in with a whole lot of new. A multi course secret menu using seasonal and organic produce paired with expertly curated cocktails served up in banquet fashion across long sweeping tables.

Guest chefs are hand picked for each BEAT and encouraged to explore their creativity away from their everyday working kitchen menu. To fuse the food* with the accompanying drinks menu experts will design cocktail pairings to complete the experience.

* For each and every event a BEAT. menu is a secret menu so you won’t know what you’re eating until it’s served on the night. We do not cater for specific dietary requirements but vegan and vegetarian options will be part of our approach to embrace the ever growing plant based movement. Food may contain traces of nuts.


BEAT began in the industrial roof spaces of the old Cafe Walcot. An intimate sell of 80 people were fed by chef Neil Smith of SohoHouse notoriety and played a progressive soundtrack by bEat residents, KIN, that morphed from the melodic into the tribal and deep.