Beneficiary Applications

Message from Ed : The mountains and adventure have played a huge part in my own recovery, allowing me to challenge myself physically, heal mentally and develop an amazing support network. We all face adversity in our lives and sometimes its enough to knock us off track but we’ve proven that with the right support and guidance our beneficiaries not only find a way back but come back stronger.

M2M Programme includes:

  • Welcome into the M2M family.
  • An adventure of a lifetime in one of the most beautiful places on earth.
  • 3 years of support through our development programme. Designed in custom for each beneficiary including life coaching, therapy, career grants and much more.
  • Access to all future M2M community events.


How do I apply?
Fill in the application form below as thoroughly & honestly as possible and we’ll be in touch after the deadline date to discuss options moving forward.

Can I apply for other people?
Yes you can apply on behalf of other people however naturally they will have to be included in the process at some point so please take time to consider whether this would be right for them. We’re happy to discuss with you how best to approach the situation.

What if my application is unsuccessful?
Although we only have 8 beneficiary places available each year no application is ‘unsuccessful’. Even if not coming on board fully as a beneficiary we will offer everyone applicant advice and support through our connections and partner charities as well as invitations to our open events.

How do I know that I am safe?
We have a trusted board of experts who oversee our programmes and application process using decades of experience to advise how best to support each applicant. All of our trips are also run in partnership with industry leading adventure companies local to wherever the challenge is being held. You are also welcome to speak to some of our current beneficiaries about there own experiences.

Grant criteria

In order to be considered for a M2MF grant it is important that you fit in to some but not all of the below criteria.

  • Facing a mental or physical health challenge as a result of trauma.
  • Stuck in a transition in life and unsure how to move forward.
  • Want to improve and willing to try.

If you are unsure if a M2MF grant is right for you then please contact Lois and she will be able to discuss what the Foundation is able to offer.

Application Form

Our Values

Whether it be because of mental health issues such as anxiety, depression or overcoming a physical disability we believe in the healing power of purpose, progress and perseverance...

Our three pillars are the foundation of Millimetres 2 Mountains. They are woven into the fabric of everything we do, who we are and more importantly what we hope to offer others through our events, adventures and support programmes.

Purpose – Purpose is one of the cornerstones of happiness and a lack of it is often the catalyst for testing periods in peoples lives. Helping people find or rediscover purpose is an important part of what we do and why we like to challenge peoples pre-conceptions about themselves. By stepping outside their comfort zone and realising how much more they are capable of, suddenly a whole world of new possibilities presents itself.

Perseverance – The ability to stick something out for the greater good particularly in spite of difficulties, obstacles or discouragement. Perseverance is one of the most valuable character traits you can carry through life but becomes particularly poignant in times of hardship or change. At M2M we believe that perseverance can be nurtured through experience and our challenges are designed to do exactly that.

Progress – Purpose and perseverance lead to progress. Progress, no matter how small plays a crucial role in self-esteem and the ability to value yourself. Often too much time is spent planning and waiting for the right time rather than doing. Progress follows action and once things start to move forward you would be amazed at how quickly life can build momentum. The hardest part is to take that first step and that’s where we want to help. Small steps, big dreams.