Jozef Bieszczad

Jozef has always been a mountain man. From an early age he loved getting outdoors and so when he broke his back and pelvis skydiving it meant that all he had known was suddenly no longer accessible to him. Since his surgery Jozef had always dreamed of getting back out into the mountains and the one thing that kept his drive to recover were the stories of people that overcame the impossible and their disability didn't stop them from pursuing happiness. It was Ed's story that really hit home and it pushed Jozef to get out of his comfort zone and try to help others who found themselves in similar situations. Jozef has been keen to join the M2M team on as many events as possible, including Walk The Coast (2021) which he completed the whole 2 weeks with wild camping and the Vincent Pyramid out in Italy (4215m). Jozef's said this about his recent trip to the Alps "I rediscovered the power of nature, surrounded by other kind souls united by the same mission. By reaching out to M2M and learning about their work helped me restore faith in humanity and find a new purpose in life. M2M has showed great support since I've met them, and they continue to keep surprising me with their kindness and willingness to make a difference."

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