M2M Team

Lois Jackson MD

Lois & Ed founded M2M and with her operations & events background she soon took on all of the roles that it takes to run a successful charity. With Ed being the face of the charity, Lois is the lynchpin pulling the strings for all our events, the strategy and making sure everything is moving in the right direction.

Ed Jackson Trustee

If he’s not climbing mountains or coming up with a bonkers idea to raise money for charity then you'll probably find Ed at his laptop, all hours, watering the seeds of The M2M Foundation. Sounds pretty normal, an outgoing guy seeking adventure and hard work, and few would disagree but Ed is also a recovering quadriplegic.

Euan Craig Chairman

We talk a lot about the meaning of Luck here at M2M and Euan coming along and wanting to support M2M feels very lucky. In a previous life Euan was an accountant and CEO so he gets very excited about a sexy spreadsheet. Which is great news for our forecasting. If you ignore his terrible jokes, this bloke is the real deal.

Freya Dawson Trustee

Freya was thrown in the deep end with her introduction to M2M and by deep end we mean deep snow, up a 4000m mountain. Freya went through a life changing experience with us and so has great passion for getting involved in our events so no doubt you will see her walking the Cornish coast path or supporting us through her incredible company Dawson Group.

Olly Barkley Trustee

If you feel like you’ve seen this face before you may well have.... Although the former England rugby international has now stepped away from the limelight he remains just as passionate about delivering world class performances. Whether it’s developing houses, curating events or behind the decks his eye for detail combined with a tireless work ethic usually results in something pretty special.

Andy Summers Trustee

Andy has years and years (not too many) of experience in some of the biggest businesses out there but that’s not why he’s involved in M2M. Not the average amount of muscle you would usually see up a mountain but his passion for the outdoors and helping others keeps him coming back. A high altitude hulk who's only thing bigger than his quads is his heart..

Ross Stirling Trustee

To embarrass Ross, Ed once read out his entire Charity CV to an audience at our fundraising dinner. He stopped after 5 minutes as hadn't even made a dent and some people needed to be home before 3am but let’s just say this bloke is not shy of good will gestures. You will most likely see Ross on top of a mountain with Ed & a Christmas tree, at his laptop orchestrating M2M's visual morale or leading our annual fundraising dinner.

Rosie King Events & Fundraising Executive

With a background in sports marketing and a love for the outdoors, Rosie is tuned into the adventure world. When she’s not working hard to help organise M2M’s events calendar, she can often be found on a bike, paddle board, wakeboard or rock face on the beautiful Devon coast, or honing her skills as an integrative therapist-in-training.


Owen O’Kane Mental Health Expert

Owen has over 25 years’ experience in physical and mental health and is a former NHS Mental Health Clinical lead. Owen shares M2M’s passion of using nature and the great outdoors to help people’s mental health. Owen acts as an advisor to Ed & Lois to help form the strategy of the M2M programme on a unofficial basis.

Adrian Nelhams Mountain Expert

As director of the International School of Mountaineering there literally is no one more qualified to be our lead mountain advisor. With 25 years of experienceand a wealth of personal climbing achievementsAdrian is the guiding hand that allows usto safely explore the great outdoors.

Pete Bishop-Pont Neuro Physio Expert

Pete fits into the M2M team perfectly. As the first person to tell Ed that he will walk again he’s not shy of a bit of optimism and is skilled at pushing people to their limits whilst maintaining a safe environment. Pete specialises in getting people with spinal cord injuries back out into nature and that’s what we’re all about.

Ceri Parham MSK Physio Expert

With over 18 years experience as a Chartered Physiotherapist working in elite sport, Ceri has held a number of roles in professional sports and worked with athletes from varying backgrounds including Ed at Wasps & Bath. Ceri is the go to man for rehabilitation and his personality makes you feel uplifted to say the least.

Arron Collins-Thomas Wellness Expert

Arron Collins-Thomas has been a leading personal trainer and lifestyle coach for the last 16 years alongside running his own chain of gyms - TONIQ. With an impressive knowledge of Chinese Medicine and Eastern wellness practices, gained over many years of study and training, Arron has a unique approach to how he works with his clients. Arron has been supporting the M2M group on expeditions and helps to deliver techniques to assist climbers in their mental, physical and emotional wellness as part of the holistic vision of M2M.


Our ambassadors not only embody everything that M2M stands for but have an active involvement with our beneficiaries through our mentoring programme. What a team!

Ebony Escalona

Ebony has been a guiding light since the charity received official status in March 2020. Ebony is leading the charge in the vets mental health health space, offering an incredible online community to thousands of vets across the world. Ebony is an advocate for Bi-Polar and an all round cool chick so we regularly ask for her advice and guidance on all things nature and mind.

Serena Guthrie

We’re lucky to have ‘the best netballer in the world’ quoted by the voice of Alexa in 2021 on the M2M team. Not only is Serena a force on the court but she has also led her country to gold numerous times and is a benevolent leader. Now a qualified business coach she brings knowledge in team work, determination, hard work and just general bossing it.

Niall McCann

Since the age of 18, Niall has undertaken challenging expeditions all over the world, including rowing the Atlantic Ocean, skiing across Greenland, cycling over the Himalayas and canoeing the Yukon River. In 2016, on a speed flying exercise in the Brecon Beacons, he was involved in an accident in which he broke five vertebrae, one of which was - in the words of his surgeon: obliterated. After being told he might never walk again, a year after his accident Niall joined the Mountain Rescue team that rescued him. Having trained as a biologist, specialising in remote-area research on endangered species, Niall now runs National Park Rescue, a direct-action conservation organisation specialising in anti-poaching operations in sub-Saharan Africa.

Darren Edwards

A former mountaineer and Army Reservist, Darren was paralysed in a near death climbing accident at the age of 26. Since then, Darren has become an active para-adventurer and expedition leader who has become a passionate champion of the phrase ‘strength through adversity’. Darren’s record-breaking and world first expedition (Kayak 4 Heroes) saw him lead a team of five injured/wounded veterans in kayaking 1,400 kilometres from Land’s End in Cornwall to John O’ Groats in Scotland. He has also recently become the first person in history to complete the World Marathon Challenge in a wheelchair - 7 Marathons, 7 Days, 7 Continents.